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Browser requirements


About the Unicode version


The Unicode versions of Pronunciation Practice and Pronunciation Guide, like the the other Unicode-based modules, require a modern browser for Mac OS X version 10.2 or higherw or for Windows 2000 or Windows XP. If you use one of these operating systems, you probably have a system font already installed that will take care of the Greek, but for more information and downloadable fonts see the Vocabulary module. For more specifics on the browsers that work, click the link at left.

In this version, the sounds are embedded in the page, and are downloaded when the page is loaded before you begin to click on words to hear the sounds. Thus on a slow connection or on a page with many embedded sounds (each page in Practice has up to 40 to embed), the page will take some time to draw: please be patient and let the page load fully before clicking on words. Once the page is finished loading, you should not have any delays in hearing sounds when you click. Playing the sounds still relies on the QuickTime plugin. If you do not have the needed plugin already, the javacript will cause your browser to detect the lack and help you download it.