This page applies to the first edition of Introduction to Attic Greek, which has now been superseded by the second edition. For information about corrigenda applying to the second edition, please visit the Downloads page at

May 2007

At this date, the latest printing of Introduction to Attic Greek is the 9th, issued in summer 2006, but copies of earlier printings may also be in the stores. The 8th and 9th printings ought to be identical, as no corrections were made for the 9th. The 10th printing will probably become available early in 2008 and will contain a few small modications. For a PDF giving the full correction history for Introduction to Attic Greek, including those forthcoming in the 10th printing, click here. For a PDF showing just the changes in the 10th printing, click here.

How to tell which printing you have.

Turn to the copyright page (back of the title page). Near the bottom you will see a couple of lines containing sequences of numbers, like the following:
08 07 06 05 04 03
9 8 7 6
The final number in each sequence is the significant one. The above example comes from a copy that contains the 6th printing (second sequence), manufactured in 2003 (first sequence).

Answer Key Corrections

For a similar document compiling corrections to the Answer Key, click here.