Syllabus for Greek 10 (Spring 2012)

Intensive Elementary Greek   (8 units)   Spring 2012   CCN 15206


Exam Group 4 (Final Exam, Monday, May 7, 20012, 7-10 pm)


D. J. Mastronarde, 7219 Dwinelle (mail drop in 7233 Dwinelle), 2-4099,,

Sp 12 Office hours: Wed 1:30-2:30 pm, Thu 10-11 am


This 8-unit course is an intensive introduction to ancient Greek (the equivalent in one semester of both Greek 1 and Greek 2). The course presents the basics of the vocabulary, inflection, and grammar of classical Attic Greek and prepares the student to read classical Greek texts with the help of a dictionary and to enter upper-division courses in Greek the following year. This course requires a very strong commitment of time and effort and nearly perfect attendance at class. Work includes class participation and homework, frequent quizzes, two 50-minute mid-terms, and a three-hour final.


(NOTE: New Testament Greek is taught at UCB only in an upper-division course, Greek 105, for which ancient Greek courses are a prerequisite. Anyone who successfully completes Greek 10 will have little trouble reading New Testament Greek at the conclusion of the course. Modern Greek is taught at UCB in the Department of Comparative Literature.)


Basis of the grade: regular recitation in class and selective submission of homework (15%); approximately 8-13 short quizzes (35%), two 50-minute midterm exams (12.5% each), and the 3-hour final exam (25%).


Pace of course and attendance: attendance is expected every day; the pace is very rapid (about three units per week), and it is essential to keep current with the work; students who fall behind are rarely able to recover effectively. An 8-unit course expects about 24 hours of work per week (5 in class and 19 out of class).


Required text:

Donald J. Mastronarde, Introduction to Attic Greek, University of California Press 1993 (10th paperback printing 2008)

Online materials: Ancient Greek Tutorials


See also the Resources section of the bSpace site for this class.