Updated February 15, 2008

At the Annual Meeting of the American Philological Association (APA) in Montreal on Jan. 8, 2006, there was a session "Fonts, Encodings, Word-Processing and Publication: a tutorial for classicists on fonts and Unicode." Posted here is a revised version of a paper delivered there, updated to take account of developments since that time. Most of the PowerPoint slides have now been incorporated into the PDF version offered here.

"Before and After Unicode: Working with Polytonic Greek" by Donald Mastronarde

Instructions on the use of GreekKeysConverter are now maintained at the GreekKeys Support site, at http://apagreekkeys.org/conversion.html.

Instructions on how to activate manually additional keyboards available on Windows systems are now available at the GreekKeys Support site, at http://apagreekkeys.org/installActivate.html#winactivate